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Election Campaigns Advocacy-End Citizen United

The American elections took a different turn when the Supreme Court of the country made a ruling in the case between End Citizen United verses F.E.C. The Supreme‚Äôs Court decision was that corporations are people and that organization; special individuals will only be allowed to make unlimited contributions to support campaigns. End Citizen United can… Continue reading Election Campaigns Advocacy-End Citizen United

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SahmAdrangiAnd KCM (Kerrisdale Capital Management)

According to SahmAdrangi, KCM (Kerrisdale Capital Management) has taken a new investment thesis that is not common with small companies. The firm took the approach with the aim of betting against the single stock fund. With the new investment thesis, KCM has managed to raise over hundred million dollars from sustainable investors. However, the primary… Continue reading SahmAdrangiAnd KCM (Kerrisdale Capital Management)