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A Look At Fortress Investment Group’s Most Recent Project

Fortress Investment Group is a New York City-based private equity firm that manages alternative assets. These assets are hedge funds, credit funds, and private equity. It was founded in January 1998 and now counts more than 1,750 clients around the world. When it went public in 2007 it was the first big private equity business to ever have done so. It manages more than $43 billion in assets for these clients.The three principals of Fortress Investment Group are Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, who are based in New York City, and Peter Briger who works out of their San Francisco offices. There are five specialties they invest in. These are capital markets, operations management, asset-based investing, corporate mergers & acquisitions, and focusing on companies in sectors they are highly informed about.

Among the investments they make are capital, financial, and real estate which can generate steady long-term cash flow for their clients. In addition to Wes Edens and Randal Nardone the third founder of this firm was Rob Kauffman. Kauffman decided to retire in 2012 and became highly involved in one of his passions, car racing. He bought half of Michael Waltrip Racing which is an outfit that races on the NASCAR circuit. He now also owns part of Chip Ganassi Racing which races in a number of series including IndyCar.One of the most recent investments at Fortress Investment Group is the Brightline Smart Service which is a private train that currently runs between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Trying to drive between these two cities usually takes much longer than the 45 minutes it ought to take. This train costs just $10 one-way and the trip is just 30 minutes long. They expect to extend this service all the way to Orlando before too long. Fortress Investment Group co-founded this train system and co-manages it as well. Wes Edens says that he sees Brightline’s concept as working well in other parts of the nation such as between Chicago and St. Louis, Houston to Dallas, and other areas where traffic is congested. He says that people can get from one city to the other at a lower cost and in a much faster period of time.Learn More.