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Adam Milstein; Israeli Warrior Fighting Antisemitism

The child of Latino-Israeli immigrants, Adam Milstein is no stranger to the power of philanthropy. His parents, who immigrated separately from two different Latin-American countries in the late 1940s shortly after the state of Israel was established, raised him as the oldest of three sons to respect Jewish values of lifelong giving. Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Milstein Family Foundation as well as the Israeli-American Council where he serves as Chair of the National Expansion committee. His ultimate goal is to spread knowledge of jewish values throughout America, to strengthen the Israeli state through U.S.-Israeli relations, and to combat growing antisemitism in America.


Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel, and, in 1971, joined the Israeli defense forces where he fought in the You Kippur War of 1973 before completing his Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Economics as an honor graduate from the Israeli Institute of Technology. In 1981, he moved to America with his wife and attended UCLA to receive his Masters in Business Administration which he used in the real estate industry.


While a successful business man with a colorful, international background, Adam Milstein is, above all, a philanthropist. He was recently named one of the most influential “Do-Gooders” in the world through a comprehensive study of nearly 10 popular, online platforms. His charities teach seek to educate Israeli families on Jewish values to strengthen pride in the Jewish state as well as raise awareness of rising antisemitism on college campuses through Boycott, Divestment and Sanction groups. He believes that pride and courage in these trying times will be the key to success for the Jewish faith.