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Alex Pall Sees New Horizons

The Chain Smokers are Evolving into a new genre of music entertainment. After having paused for a while in their productions, the emerging pop music crew has emerged with millennial ideas that seem to be resonating with the crowds. The Chainsmokers were recently in New York. Backed by their image and styling crew of Savannah White and Rebeca, they just released their long-awaited single “Closer”. The song features the Halsey as the star of the moment. The new single has Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall singing their separate segments in the song that is slated to dominate the radio waves in the coming days. The duo, who have been star DJs for over a decade, are a unique pair because they do not rely on voice specialists and songwriters. They have succeeded in producing a masterpiece from their own human input.

The Vision

According to Alex Pall, the group is evolving with an objective. He says that they intend to carve an independent niche as talented artists. He says that they true artists now, and that they would like to be noticed as such; with feelings and thoughts like other true artists. In other words, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are rebranding and moving onto a new phase of their career. One of the strategies that the renowned DJs and now musicians are using it to come out and be seen, as opposed to the traditional faceless DJ playing music from behind a booth. They say that they are infusing intimacy into a music genre that has otherwise remained flat and eventless, except that intermittent euphoria.

The Interview with Alex Pall

Alex says that he pursued DJ work, not as proper work but as a hobby. He points out that he worked as a DJ in New York in some of the major clubs. He notes that it is scared him pursuing something that was not really regarded as a job in a city such as New York. It felt more like fun than work. He says that at some point he discovered that dance music was occupying most of his time. So he decided to take his shots a notch higher. He was introduced to Drew who moved from Maine and engaged him with lots of work. He says he stopped his other activities and focused.