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Alex Pall’s Hobby Made A Living

Alex Pall has always had a love for music. Growing up he had a side job he was incredibly passionate about working as DJ in New York City. However, he was scared to make this dream that didn’t really even seem like a job something more. Eventually after finally coming to a decision, he quit his job and started really working towards what he loved to do. Make music.

Becoming The “Chainsmokers

After becoming the DJ duo “Chainsmokers,” Alex Pall partner had decided to leave, this is where Andrew Taggart stepped in. He and Alex met and immediately started working every single day on their music. Now years later they continue to strive and work together. Alex and Andrew haven’t always been the way they are. They were initially very different, but after years of working and creating their own musically identities they became the Chainsmokers we know and love today.

Changing Their Style

After a while of working as DJ’s for just dance music Alex and Andrew grew tired of it and decided since they loved music so much they would combine multiple genres and make something uniquely theirs rather than try to copy what others were already doing. Surprising as it may be others, the Chainsmokers are already a year or two ahead of their released music. they wanted to give everyone a chance to hear it before they actually release their next project.

After seeing that they have reached a larger demographic Alex Pall is very proud of where they are vs where they once stood in the beginning. Going from a side gig to making his passion into his whole life’s career along with his partner Andrew. Working together they have managed to make their lives revolves around what they love and will continue to strive to become the best they can be.