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Ambassador Daniel Taub

Sometimes, there is just no time to be polite and things about business have to get done. But, nobody knows this better than Ambassador Daniel Taub. While in the service of the UK government, he is known to have done more in 4 years than others have their entire lives.

At times, his performance shows deviation from expected duties, and at other times he is a maverick whose savvy is unpredictable. However there is one thing that is unequivocally true. His top concern is the Israeli nation.

The first thing that his critics and fans both have to admit is that his job comes with tough conditions. A good example of these conditions is a prevalent belief that Israel has something to do with the construction problems in Gaza. A part of doing his job is convincing others that this fact is not true.

And, that is just one small fire to put out in several that come every year. Of course, he needs only point to his service record and the numbers regarding trade between the UK and Israel to justify his services work wise.

However, it is not just financial strength and international commerce that measures the success of Daniel Taub’s service. It is the spiritual awakening, cooperative communication, and positive public relations that follow which also add worth.

Even the Secretary of State for British Innovation and Skills has to agree that things between the two nation’s states have never seen better trade since his service. The British Israel Chamber of Commerce has records of these numbers being from 5.5 billion to 7 billion.

Beside billions of dollars and commerce to substantiate this value, there is a personal background that validates his work as well. There’s a very good reason why Daniel Taub wants to professionally and personally see success between Britain and Israel. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

And, that reason is because he comes from a family with Israeli background and bloodline. However his native state is the UK. There are a few who can’t relate to his point of view and urgency to see success in these matters but they are few and far between.

Certainty, he is a credit to this demographic. The saying goes “use the right tool for the right job”, and when it comes to a job so delicate and precise as to manage relations between two such powerful and ancient countries only this man could be the best fit.

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