Anthony Petrello Has Given Over $7 Million To The Texas Children’s Hospital

Anthony Petrello is the Chairman and CEO of one of the world’s largest drilling equipment supply companies, Nabors Industries.

The company is based in Houston and owns one of the largest land and offshore drilling rig fleets. Under Petrello’s leadership they have developed many patents, invested in horizontal well technology and hybrid drilling rigs and have acquired many smaller drilling equipment manufacturers.

Petrello has helped keep Nabors ahead of its competitors thanks to his vision and ingenuity, and he’s received a generous compensation for his leadership at Nabors with a $68 million salary, making him one of the nation’s highest paid CEOs.

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Anthony Petrello was known for being a problem solver as a young man, particularly while he was still in high school and used to work complex arithmetic problems in his spare time. He attended Yale where he completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in advanced mathematics and had the privilege to study under world famous mathematician Serge Lange. Petrello did not become a professional mathematician but instead decided he wanted to go into corporate law practice, so he completed his J.D. at Harvard and then worked at Baker & McKenzie law firm for 13 years. His expertise in tax compliance and business structuring helped him land a position at Nabors Industries as its Chief Operating Officer in 1991. In 2011, Petrello became CEO when longtime CEO Eugene Iseberg retired.

Anthony Petrello married Cynthia Carrafa, a former television actress and they have a young daughter named Carena. Carena was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that has made basic tasks difficult for her. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello consulted with many doctors when Carena was born hoping to find treatment options, but were told there were none available. But the Petrellos met Dan and Jan Duncan at the Texas Children’s Hospital, a couple that had helped fund the neurological research institute that was named in their honor. Anthony and Cynthia gave over $7 million to this research institute and are hopeful they can help fund medical technology that may one day find a cure for brain disorders.