Business Entrepreneur

As the CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle believes in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency becoming an important part of the life of gamers with the WAX Platform.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, a company that is involved with in-game virtual goods. Known as a decentralized platform, the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) allows gamers the opportunity to operate a marketplace that is virtual. The concept of the WAX platform is to allow the 400 million plus players who currently purchase, collect, and sell the good that is used by gamers.

WAX Tokens are a part of the Worldwide Asset eXchange; WAX Tokens accept virtual goods. These WAX Tokens can be converted to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. WAX Tokens do not have to be used in video games as part of the WAX platform. WAX does provide an opportunity for millions of traders to create a virtual store on this new decentralized system. The positive thing for video gamers and goods traders is that the WAX ecosystem is efficient concerning transaction rates and very secure. Trust is a principle that could attract millions of new gamers to WAX. WAX can be an attraction to new players and those interested in swapping virtual goods or converting a value to cryptocurrency. WAX allows gamers to make virtual asset transactions with a very high level of effectiveness.


Because of WAX, gamers will be able to trade in virtual goods without the concern of fragmentation and fraud. As President of WAX, CasSelle and his team target solving the problems of fraud and fragmentation with a handy widget built into the WAX gaming platform. The WAX widget uses blockchain technology that is part of the cryptocurrency milieu. A video gamer who is playing within the WAX platform will never have to off their game while playing to work with virtual goods. This widget works seamlessly with the WAX platform concerning selling or purchasing virtual goods. This process is much more straightforward; players will not be aware of the advanced technology that is occurring while the play and trade goods, or convert virtual goods to actual cryptocurrency.

Concerning the area of fragmentation and locale, WAX functions without an intermediary, which makes WAX very unique. FOREX issues have complicated markets dealing with virtual goods.