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Behind the successful OSI Group is the genius, Sheldon Lavin

Before Sheldon Lavin joined the OSI Group, it was a simple local food supplying company owned by a father and his two sons “Otto and Sons.” They mainly dealt with meat products. However, since the administration of Lavin, it has grown into one of the largest food supply companies in the globe. OSI now produces beef, pork, fish and poultry products as well as vegetable products for companies from different parts of the world. In his forty-three years in OSI Group, Sheldon has seen the company through the transition into a billion dollar worth of assets and the development of close to sixty facilities in over sixteen different countries.

Under his tenure, OSI Group has also scooped several achievement awards including the Globe of Honor award that is usually given by the British Council for safety and a 66 rank in Forbes list of companies in the food and beverages industries of the Universe. Sheldon Lavin also received India’s Vision World Academy’s Global Visionary award in February 2016 for Sheldon Lavin’s outstanding performance and achievements at the OSI Group. Also, Sheldon has seen OSI through many humanitarian works like the involvement in charities of the Boys and Girls Club charity, Chicago, and the Evans Scholarship Fund.

Sheldon Lavin, however, has not always been invested in the food industry. He has a degree in Accounting and Finance and for this reason, began his career in the finance sector. He was formerly involved in banking and consulting before his entry into OSI. He has also worked as a director in the Foundation for Wildlife and National Fish and is also a Fund manager of the Rush Medical Center.

Currently, Sheldon is aiming at expanding OSI into an even larger organization through the acquisition of companies in the food and beverage market. OSI has reportedly already successfully purchased the Baho Food Company, Europe’s Flagship, and the Tyson Food Group among others. With hard work and innovation, Sheldon Lavin has set his mind to continuously lead the growth of OSI and transform the face of the food industry not only in Chicago where the company’s headquarters are located but in the entire universe.