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Betsy DeVos Charitable Interests and Educational Reform Work

On February 7th this year, the Senate confirmed Betsy DeVos as the new U.S. education secretary after President Trump’s nomination. For almost three decades, secretary DeVos has taken part in education policy where she has advocated for children and parents’ voices. Her primary goal is to see undeserved children across the U.S. gain access to the best education. Her passion for education was initiated by her mother, who was a teacher in a public school. She became interested in education, even more, when she became a mother and had to send her children to school. She realized that all children in America aren’t granted equal chances to receive a quality education. Together with her hometown leaders, DeVos worked tirelessly to increase choices for parents and more importantly, increase educational opportunities for less privileged students. Additionally, she has been on the front line in the fight to provide the American public with the best educational options.

Betsy DeVos served in the Grand Rapids Public Schools (Michigan) where she was an in-school mentor for 15 years. According to DeVos, her interactions with the teachers, families, and most importantly the at-risk students changed her life and perspective about the American education forever. Being an active leader in the movement that seeks to empower parents, the education secretary has worked to the bone to see the creation of better choices of education for students in the District of Columbia and 25 states. As secretary, Betsy DeVos is committed to advancing equal opportunities for the best education for all American students. She believes that nothing should hinder a student from receiving world class education. The ZIP code where a student lives or his/her household income shouldn’t be used as the key determinant of whether or not to receive a quality education. She is for the idea of returning the control of education to localities and states.

Moreover, she advocates for giving parents the power to choose the educational settings they think is best for their children. All these ensure that students receive a higher education that will put them on the right path to rewarding careers.Before Betsy DeVos became the 11th secretary of education, she chaired The Windquest Group, a well-known investment, and enterprise management firm. Besides her major role in the field of education, Betsy DeVos has served on numerous local and national civic and charitable organizations boards such as Kids Hope USA, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, the Kendall College of Design and Art, Mars Hill Bible Church, and ArtPrize. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College, Michigan, Grand Rapids. Her husband Dick DeVos is a renowned entrepreneur, community activist, and philanthropist. They have four children together and six grand children.