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Bob Reina: A True Animal Lover

Talk Fusion, since 2007 has been devoted itself to assisting people. They are about realizing dreams, building futures and giving back to the communities all across the globe. It’s a type of commitment that changes lives, and nobody is as committed to that mission it founder and globally renowned Bob Reina.



While numerous people in business leave steady jobs to begin their businesses, very few have had an idea, and determination like Bob Reina do. Bob, a former police officer, has always been an individual who knew how to get the very best out of people in the different situation. Always looking to the future, Bob along with his team of professionals begin in a day talking about the way to turn ideas into reality. To achieve that, Talk Fusion uses an approach involving continuous analysis of current and future trends, allowing Reina and his team to stay ahead. One of the biggest passions of Reina has been helping animals, where he worked with a huge number of NGOs in recent years to help many animals find their houses.



From his groundbreaking, US$1 million donations to a Humane Society of Tampa Bay for his life-saving involvement in lives of a huge number of animals to his substantial monetary aid of an Indonesian orphanage, Bob leads his vision to change lives with the help of his actions. And such actions are repeated through the company and also Independent Associates in greater than 140 countries. His goal was simple but influential: to help nonprofits and charities across the world reach people, share their message, and spread their cause in a way that was not possible before.



Talk Fusion is presently the seventh largest video communications company in this whole world. Talk Fusion is also creating a “buzz” and been featured in the news often. Mr. Bob Reina is also committed to his company, employees, worldwide associate team and also his vision to create a billion dollar brand. Talk Fusion is presently one of the top fifty companies in a DSA-Direct Selling Association regarding sales growth and revenue. His favorite phrase “Share your dreams with us and us at Talk Fusion will help you do the rest!”