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Bradesco Bank’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco: A Man of All Financial Seasons

Born on October 6, 1951, in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi grew to be a man who has been successful throughout his life. After earning a postgraduate degree in Sociology from Sao Paulo’s School of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters, 22-year-old Luiz Carlos was hired as a clerk and began his career at Bradesco Bank, one of the largest financial and banking institutions in Brazil. Luiz advanced quickly and received promotions to various management positions such as Department Director in 1984, Managing Director in 1998, and Executive Director in 1999. A decade later he became the Chief Executive Officer of the bank. From 1994 until 2000, Luiz also held the position of President of the National Association for Private Pension Plans (ANAPP). Read this article about Trabuco at Estadao.

As the CEO of Bradesco, Trabuco has directed the bank’s investments in people. In fact, no other bank in Brazil can provide loans to individuals throughout the country to the extent that Bradesco does. The high success of the Brazilian branch of the Bradesco Bank is because of the dynamic Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who has proven himself an expert in the finance sector. This bank, which pioneered the use of the ATM biometric system, also assists people with its 12,000 teller machines, the most significant number in the country. Moreover, widespread knowledge of this bank has occurred because of Luiz’s leadership in putting the Bradesco Bank on television infomercials. In the last decade, the market value of Bradesco Bank has risen to six times what it once was.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also holds various other important positions. Among the long list, Luiz Carlos is a sitting member of the Brazilian Federation of Bank Association, a Member of the National Academy of Insurance and Plan Association, and a Sitting Member of the Geneva Association, the international think tank of the insurance industry. Other prestigious positions held by Cappi are his having been Sector Officer of ADVB, a Brazilian association of sales managers. Indeed, many feel that Luiz Carlos’s efforts in the banking and insurance businesses have contributed greatly to the improvement of Brazil’s economic standing. Visit to know more about Trabuco.