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Bustle Writer Finally Tries World-Famous WEN to Transform Oily Limp Hair

Emily McClure was dying to get her hands on a bottle, because just about everyone on the planet had tried WEN. The writer was tired of trying to deal with fine, flat hair and hoped that WEN could deliver the shine and strength the natural botanicals formula is famous for. So, she decided to try a 7-day Wen hair challenge and kept a daily diary and selfies for her readers to see.
Wen hair by Chaz Dean ( is a unique no shampoo method that avoids the bad chemicals found in regular shampoos and conditioners. These detergents strip the hair and weaken it, and your hair pays the price. Chaz Dean, a celebrity stylist in Los Angeles developed cleansing conditioners that offer gloss and health back to hair.

Emily chose the Sephora Fig cleansing conditioner for extra moisture, bounce and shine and decided to stick to an AM WEN wash in the shower. As long as she kept to her daily routine, her hair adapted nicely, and she quickly noticed manageability and shine. Emily’s selfies showed healthy, pretty locks, and her friends noticed her hair and paid her a round of compliments when she met up with them in the evening.

Emily advises to her readers that WEN will work wonders as long as you don’t veer off the schedule. By following a proper daily AM WEN wash, your hair will behave and deliver gloss and body.

When Emily skipped a morning WEN wash, her locks got greasy fast and couldn’t hold a style well. Emily prefers nighttime showers, so at one point, she did just that. By morning, Emily was disappointed that her hair was already flat and oily.

Emily says she would definitely use the WEN system again, if she could refrain from being lazy about her hair care routine.

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