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Cassio Audi, Brazil’s Iconic Heavy Metal Drummer

The heavy metal genre of music became famous in areas of the U.K. and U.S in the 1960s as the rock and roll music of The Beatles and The Kinks morphed into a harder edged take on popular music. The dictatorship in control of Brazil did not allow the heavy metal explosion to make its way into the nation until the mid to late 1970s when democracy and freedom came to the South American country; among the first wave of heavy metal bands to make an impact in Brazil was Viper, a band driven by the iconic and skillful drumming of Cassio Audi during his teenage years.

Cassio Audi was one of the most skillful and best-respected drummers of the early years of the Brazilian heavy metal scene but gave up his chance of musical success in 1989 as the band began preparing for the recording and release of their “Theatre of Fate” album. Now one of the best known financial specialists in Brazil, Cassio Audi has successfully transitioned from musician to investment specialist with an eye on bringing the best options in the financial markets to everyday people across the nation of Brazil.

The birth of the golden age of Brazilian heavy metal can often be seen as intrinsically linked to the early years of the band, Viper. Cassio Audi and a group of his teenage friends came together through their love of British heavy metal bands, particularly Iron Maiden. The influence of British heavy metal drummers is easy to see in the musicianship of Cassio Audi on the two early demo tapes now available as “The Killera Sword” which became instant classics as bootleg releases. Cassio Audi cemented his place as the leading Brazilian heavy metal drummer of his generation with his work on the debut album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

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