Cassio Audi’s teenage life in music

Before most of the influential people in the society got to their current positions, they may have done entirely different things. Some may have tried some menial jobs while others decided to follow a different path such as their talents. It is no exception for Cassio Audi. It may be surprising to know that Cassio was a musician in his early years. He was an active member of a Brazilian metal music band known as Viper, which took airwaves by storm in the 80s. Cassio was the drummer for the band credited with popularizing metal music in Brazil and by extension Latin America.

The band entertained fans in local shows where they were able to promote their demo songs. They released three albums namely “Killer Sword,” “Soldiers of Sunrise,” and “Theatre of Fate.” The third album was released sometime after Cassio left the group to pursue education. Although he stayed with the band for about four years, Cassio was an essential part of its success. His drumming skills were critical to the production of their songs. He was involved in the vibrant marketing of the Vipers as a brand gaining an audience even in the international music scene.
The group of teenagers’ talent was exhibited by their daring move to release the first two albums in English. The decision was despite English not being their first language or national language. It may have been as a result of their high admiration of a British Heavy metal band called “Iron Maiden.” The decision paid off as they were able to earn approval from international producers as well as secure shows abroad. Those in the heavy metal music genre have considered Cassio among the excellent drummers. Although he did not pursue music, his talent and those of his counterparts were remarkable and instrumental in shaping the Brazilian music scene.

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