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Changes That Louis Chenevert Made at UTR

Canadian businessman Louis R. Chenevert is the former Chairman and CEO of UTR, United Technologies Corporation. He served as CEO from April 2008 up to January 2010 when he became the company’s chairman until his retirement in 2014. He started working at UTR as the director in March 2006, and before that, he was the president of Pratt & Whitney. Louis also worked at General Motors for 14 years as Production General Manager.

In 2015, Chenevert joined Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division as the senior advisor of the business. He has served as a member of Business Council and is the former member of US-India CEO forum. In 2011, he joined the board of directors, Cargill and later served in the foundation of Congressional Medal of Honor as chairman as well as Yale’s Advisory Board. He was inducted as a fellow member of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics).

Chenevert achieved his bachelor’s degree of Commerce in production management from the University of Montréal and earned his doctorate in 2011. In Montréal he is the chairman of the international advisory board and the founder and chairman of Board of directors for the friends of HEC.

Louis Chenevert ideas for UTR came from the passion for producing game-changing products, a proper understanding of the customer’s desires, forming a strategic team of small groups, having appropriate knowledge of the customer’s wants and acquiring senior management. That great idea brought a remarkable change in the aerospace company that strengthened the company’s portfolio which includes; the creation of an F135 engine that changed the military rotary system, development of GTF engine which has excellent combustion rate, with minimum engine parts hence less costly as well as reduced engine noise. Development of X2 technology for helicopters and airplanes in the narrow body segment and having Goodrich aerospace which turned it into UTC aerospace systems making it the largest domineer in market across the globe.

Louis further stated that in UTC, Engineering delivers essential ideas that satisfy the customers’ needs and in return bringing revenue increase. Technology excites him because it creates opportunities that speed up the workforce in the company. According to Chenevert, for a business to succeed one has to focus on work despite the negative factors.