Chris Burch – The Future of Fitness, Fashion and Beauty – Powered By Technology

As Chris Burch, a highly thriving business person and visionary has plainly sketched out the intriguing trend of fashion and technology stating that it is inescapable that the two rely on each other for future growth. While past advancements demonstrated some restlessness and remaining highly focused on usefulness as was seen by the Boom Box-Walkman development and at long last to the iPod, current patterns are indicating that fashion will assume a more noteworthy part in technology. Anouk Wipprecht, for instance, is a Dutch fashioner who is well known for actualizing her plans with technology as appeared in several of her outfits, such as the self-painting dress and drink-making dress.

The converging amongst fashion and technology fill different needs; among clients, as they work to create energy and provide protection. For instance, the fashionable neckwear was designed for cyclists as it can pop out and act as an airbag in case of an impact. There are also been clothes that have been invented to capture the kinetic energy into various devices such as mp3 player and watches among others. Such cases have demonstrated the significance of fashion for the achievement of technology and why the two will go as an inseparable unit later on. These insights originated from an accomplished and exceedingly imaginative man, Christopher Burch, the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and Co-Founder of the Luxury Fashion Brand, Tory Burch.

From a youthful age, Chris Burch generally thought of entrepreneurial activities and worked in various parts from door-to-door trade to construction. In spite of having a learning inability as a child, he transformed the shortcoming into a quality by applying his creativity and came up with new ideas after which he started and developed his business for some time alongside his brother, Eagle’s Eye Apparel. In the wake of selling his organization at 40, Burch made numerous noteworthy investments in key companies including Voss Water, Tory Burch, Poppin and Jawbone. Through his enthusiastic and financial support, he has remained a primary part of society in assisting people to get where they dream to go. With a high sense of creativity and humility, most of his success he attributes to his childhood dreams. Mr. Burch goes on with his great work and investing in major businesses across the world. Designers of fashion are nowadays tapping into technology to come up with unique wearable and clothing among other products while the technology assist new and old designers to come up with new things.