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Cone Marshall Offering Financial Choices to the Super Wealthy

Cone Marshall is a New Zealand based law firm. Primarily composed of two attorneys, Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. The firm Cone Marshall specializes in creating trusts and funds and securing the most advantageous financial positions for the funds and accounts of the super wealthy throughout the world.

Creative investing, financial and tax dealings have been recently highlighted by Donald Trump whose company purportedly lost close to a $ 1 billion in just one fiscal year. This enormous loss has entitled him to write off profits for as many as 19 years enabling his company to pay no or minimal taxes to the U.S. Government (IRS).

These types of financial occurrences are foreign to most of the taxpayers whose payments keep the United States of America functioning as a solvent and viable country. But those people with huge incomes and others who may have gained large amounts of money by theft are in a much different tax category than the average American. They hire Certified Public Accountants to cook the books and take every deduction possible, while this is not always illegal it often leads to IRS investigations. These IRS audits place fear in the hearts of the average wage earner and taxpayer, but those who employ CPAs and attorneys to handle their financial affairs have no need to fear.

There is a term used to identify the two types of rich people in the world, nouveau riche (new money and those newly rich) and the old money. The old money faction tends to be conservative and cautious with their monies wanting to leave it as substantial inheritances for their offspring while the nouveau riche are extravagant, showy, ostentatious, but in the eyes of the old money group lacks style and good taste.

The law firm of Cone Marshall has achieved a sense of notoriety in New Zealand since the information gained by the release of the NZ Herald article that demonstrates dedication to the tax transparency laws  in New Zealand. The firm handles numerous investment opportunities and will set up trusts for its clients as well. Cone Marshall sets up trusts and offers investment alternatives to both the old and new money types. The services of Cone Marshall are in demand by other attorneys, hedge funds, and corporations. Cone Marshall does not deal directly with individuals. For more information about Cone Marshall see their website:

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