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David McDonald of OSI Group Has Celebrated Some Big Acquisitions Lately:

OSI Group President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald went on record with Inspirery recently for an interview about his business career with OSI over the last 30 years. Regarding his start in the food business, David talks about how he graduated from college and joined OSI pretty much immediately. Though he was at the bottom to begin with, he worked hard to move all the way up to the top. On the ever important question about how he makes money, David explains that OSI is known throughout the food industry for providing food solutions to major businesses around the world. OSI has experienced massive growth while David has been with the company. He talks about how OSI has been able to forge a number of dynamic relationships with valuable partners. David also reveals that he has always shared OSI Group’s company vision to deliver the best customer service. He explains that since OSI is private, it is easy to be flexible in the types of food solutions the company comes up with for its customer base. Asked about how he got his first customer, David reveals that OSI’s lofty standards were attractive to the company’s first customers. Those standards include viewing all OSI customers and staff as family. A marketing strategy that he recommends is to be a part of your local culture. You have to fully understand the needs of your customer base in your market. David believes his success as a businessman has been linked to OSI Group’s knack for creating valuable relationships with partners as well as the fact that the company has a great knowledge of the markets that it works in. His most satisfying recent moment in business has been the establishment of OSI Group’s newest facility in China. David feels the facility is a true representation of the huge amount of time OSI has spent developing its Chinese market.

Some other huge recent expansions under David McDonald’s watch have been the purchase of the former Tyson food plant in Chicago, becoming OSI’s newest Chicago area facility. The acquisitions of European food companies Baho Food and Flagship Europe are also recent gains by OSI Group and greatly strengthen the companies market share in Europe.

David McDonald joined OSI Group in 1987 and has never looked back. He started as a project manager for the firm and today is President and COO. The company has celebrated several big acquisitions recently under David’s leadership with the purchase of the two European food companies. Another huge accomplishment during David’s OSI Group career has been the establishment of 10 facilities in China.

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