Dr. Clay Siegall Effectively Fights Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegall has been a visionary in the fight against cancer and his company Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of targeted cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall is their Founder and CEO. Seattle Genetics focuses on stubborn disease types in which improving mortality rates has been elusive. With innovation at their core, they take on the toughest types of cancer in which the statistics regarding mortality have barely budged.

Since their founding in 1998, Seattle Genetics has led the way in the targeted therapy industry. They developed the first FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate which can be used for multiple conditions. They have an extensive pipeline of new drugs and they also engage in strategic partnerships to make progress in the war on cancer. Companies like Bayer and Pfizer are partnering with Seattle Genetics to develop pharmaceuticals that target cancer.

Under Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has grown from a modest startup into a major player in the war on cancer. Siegall believes that the old therapies using systemic chemotherapy are destined for extinction. The new targeted therapies are far more tolerable than the old ones and the drugs are more effective.

Dr. Clay Siegall has always had an interest in the power of science and technology. Specifically, to harness them for the betterment of mankind and to conquer the diseases which plague and terrify man during his time on earth. His desire was sharpened as he watched a relative battle cancer amid the awful side effects of the conventional therapy which was used. This person almost died from the treatment and its side effects.

Seattle Genetics was also born out of a desire for Siegall to pilot his own ship. He could better exercise his vision and passion apart from the constraints of a rigid corporate structure. He was also able to enjoy the fruits of his labors and be compensated more equitably in regard to his extraordinary efforts.

Dr. Clay Siegall received his B.S. in zoology from The University of Maryland and his Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. He credits his success to hard work and a focused intensity which are the primary drivers of his ethic.