Dr. Clay Siegall & His Company Seattle Genetics, Changing Cancer Treatment

One of the most prevalent diseases we are facing in the United States is cancer. Over 1.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year and about half of them will not survive the disease or the treatments for it. For decades now, chemo-therapy and radiation treatments have been the go to in the fight against cancer but much of the time these treatments fall short of their goals and many patients end up worse off than not.

This is changing, however, and it shows in the exceptional works of people like Clay Siegall, an innovative physician who is pushing the bounds of genetic research, changing the way we see our bodies and genetics.

These advances in genetics are reshaping the way we diagnose and treat diseases in our bodies, cancer being one of the most heavily researched, likely due to the rampant nature of the disease. Cancer patients are offered the ability to have their genetic material analyzed.

With the cancerous cells of the individual patient put against normal cells, it allows the doctors determining treatment to be much more easily able to find the most effective treatment method for the individual patient. This is opening a whole new world of possibilities for cancer diagnosis as well as treatment options.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder and owner of Seattle Genetics, a company that researches as well as develops cancer treatments that are antibody based which expand treatment options. Currently, Seattle Genetics is leading the way with the powerful anti-drug conjugates, providing a new level of treatment for patients who need it the most.

Currently the anti-drug conjugates are designed to treat lymphomas, a type of cancer that infiltrates and destroys the immune system, most common in young people or the elderly.

Dr. Siegall began his career in the medical research field in a somewhat unique way, after acquiring his undergraduate degree in zoology and his Ph.D. in genetics when his father was diagnosed with cancer.

Dr. Siegall researched with the National Institute of Health for over 17 years and then six years of pharmaceutical research with Bristol-Meyer Squibb gave him the tools he needed to found Seattle Genetics and begin his life-changing work.