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Dr. David Samadi Informs Readers about Mitt Romney’s Health

Mitt Romney has deep roots in the United States. As the son of a former governor, he’s been involved in politics in a sense from the day he was born. Romney has recently announced his plans to run for governor in Utah. He’s also told people about his bout with cancer. One person who understands the implications of his second announcement. As a doctor with a specialty in urology, he knows what it means when a patient reveals he has a cancer of this system. In an article in The Huffington Post, he talks to readers about what it means when a man reveals this fact. He also talks about specifics that may apply to Romney including his potential diagnosis and his possible treatment options. Dr. David Samadi has devoted his career to this area of the body. In doing so, he has been widely admired for his expertise and his skill at helping patients. Dr. David Samadi knows that other men and those who love them may be facing a similar diagnosis. He draws on his own understanding of this kind of cancer to tell people what it might mean for a man of Romney age and background.

A Very Good Prognosis

Dr. David Samadi believes that the patient has a very good prognosis. He points out the tumor was a slow growing tumor. As such, there is every reason to believe that surgeons have gotten all of the tumor. The doctor is the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He’s also the Professor of Urology at Hofstra School of Medicine. His family came to the United States from the Middle East. In doing so, they hoped for a better life here for them and for their children. The doctor has been highly successful in his work life. He has been a leading figure in the world of urology for many years. Given his professional achievements, he speaks freely about the chances that may govern whether or not Romney will do well as he heads into the future. He recommends that patients decide on surgery. Surgery for this kind of cancer tends to be surgery that is typically performed if the cancer has not advanced beyond a certain stage. The doctor has done a great deal of research about such options. He knows that modern medicine can truly help patients like Romney.