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Dr. David Samadi’s SMART Surgery Technique

Having an admirable reputation in both laparoscopy and urologic oncology, Dr. David Samadi managed to build a SMART technique based on oncologic principles he had learned in his education and career years. In this technique, Dr. David Samadi recreates the RRP technique as much as possible on the robotic arena. The tool has permitted him to enhance radical prostatectomy through improved vision and enhanced dissection angles that were never possible with open, laparoscopic instruments. The application of the SMART technique has several advantages when compared with the traditional open surgical approach.

Clinically excellent results

Dr. David Samadi’s SMART surgery technique provides superior prostate cancer treatment results because it is equipped to give the surgeons three-dimensional, revolutionary, multi-level magnification spectrum. Compared to the traditional technique, the new surgical tool has higher resolution image with an enhanced field of vision. This means that malignant tissue in the cancer patients can be removed with a lot of efficiency and ease.

Minimized complication risks

Dr. David Samadi’s SMART technique also reduces risks of the medical surgery procedure. A common serious risk associated with surgical treatments is the infection of the incision site. Such infections may result in serious complications which can affect quick recovery. Thanks to Dr. David Samadi, the SMART technique mitigates the infection risks as the incision size is significantly reduced with the system. The traditional surgery method also increased patients’ susceptibility to infection by bacteria. The SMART surgery technique utilizes fewer invasions, thus, minimizing cases of infection.

Reduced scarring

The incision required in traditional prostatectomy results in significant scarring in the patient’s lower abdomen. The Dr. David Samadi’s SMART technique leaves incisions that heal without visible scarring. With the minimized scar tissue in the patient’s interior walls, the technique promotes healing. Excess scar may interfere with the proper functioning of the prostate; thus, the SMART technique addresses this potential difficulty.

Quick recovery period

Dr. David Samadi’s robotic technology also increases chances of quick recovery. The smaller incisions utilized always heal faster and require few sutures, thus, reducing the vulnerability of infection or tearing. The movement of the robotic arms enhances clean removal of the malignant tissue and prevents any damages to patient’s healthy tissues.


Dr. David Samadi’s SMART Surgery Technique is a unique medical tool that enhances the treatment of prostate cancer. The highlighted advantages translate to a more successful surgery process and a quicker recovery.

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