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The American elections took a different turn when the Supreme Court of the country made a ruling in the case between End Citizen United verses F.E.C. The Supreme’s Court decision was that corporations are people and that organization; special individuals will only be allowed to make unlimited contributions to support campaigns. End Citizen United can well be described as a Political Action Committee which was founded by donors on 1st March 2015. The organization was purposely created to control how billionaires and interested parties are funding election campaigns in the United States of America. The group is devoted to making sure that the tycoons are not buying the citizen’s votes with their money.

End Citizen untied will make sure that policymakers are taking action against the individuals who are buying elections and making many other reforms towards elections campaign funding. The organization is established on a firm foundation and the members work effortlessly to achieve their mission which is electing campaign finance transformations supporters which end rigging, put an end to big political money, pass state ballot measures, as well as making the money issues in election campaigns a national conversation. End Citizen is committed to serving hand in hand with their partners to ensure that they have changed the unlimited and the undisclosed cash used in politics. The group has come with a strategy on how to reach their mission as explained below.
• Educating the money issue in politics as a national urgency.
• Electing individuals to take up the reforms
Make good use of the grassroots members who will be used to talk about money in politics.

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In the 2016 United States of America’s elections, End United was playing a very crucial part by wanting to reverse the ruling that was made by the Supreme Court in 2010 and do away with the dark money in the political field in the United States of America. Within few days after the launch of the organization, it had raised $4 million from donors and was expecting to raise more than $25million to fund their activities. The group has become popular with the Americans and more people are continuing to support them before the end of 2015, End Citizens United had over 325000 members. End Citizen united also supported some politicians during the 2016 election campaigns in the United States of America including; Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, as well as Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

According to the Communication Director of the Political Action Committee; Richard Carbo, End Citizens United is different from other Political Action Committees in the nation. Mr. Carbo continued to explain the reason why end Citizen is different and he says that from the begging there was a hole in the discussion on the political side of the group as well as getting people elected. The organization formed an expenditure arm which was responsible for financing politicians they supported by funding their advertisements, emails, and polling.

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