Lip Balm Marketing

EOS| The Millennial Lip Balm of Choice

EOS ( seems to be on everyone’s lips, literally. People just can’t stop talking about it, which leaves the big question, just how did EOS get to be a top-rated lip balm brand, beating brands that have been in the market for ages?

Until the year 2009, people were stuck to using chapsticks to moisturize their lips. As if the boring chapsticks were not enough, they came with an active ingredient indicated on the list of ingredients. These made one feel one subjected to using a clinical product in place of a beauty product. There was no fun in using the chapsticks which were limited to three flavors, cherry, mint and the original tasteless flavor.

The founding partner, Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky, and Jonathan Teller, identified this gap in the market. They found that many companies in the industry operated with the primary aim of increasing profits through cutting costs. Therefore, giving no room innovation.

The founders decided to make something that was not just an imitation of what was already in the market. They wanted men and women who used the EOS lip balms to enjoy every last bit of it, from the taste, colors, smell, feel, ingredients and even the sound it made when closing. They then placed a price tag of $3, about the same amount charged by other lip balms.

In no time the EOS lip balms had filled the shelves of some of the largest retail store. They were on Walmart, Walgreens and Target. Online stores Luckyvitamin and Racked began selling EOS product too. And, that was how they came to beat brands that had been in the industry for centuries. Currently Evolution of Smooth has decided to expand its horizons and are producing lotions and even shaving creams. According to the founders, EOS will continue to bring other innovative products to the market.