Eric Pulier: Philanthropist and Humanitarian

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur who has a vast portfolio of philanthropy work. Mr. Pulier is a New Jersey native, and he currently calls Los Angeles home.


Early Life

Eric pulier was set apart from the time he was very young. He was a very precocious child who was programming computers by the time he was just ten years old. He built on this knowledge; and by the time he entered high school, he was building his database computer company. Mr. Pulier graduated high school and went on to study at Harvard University, studying English and American Literature. While attending Harvard he was an editor and writer for a college paper, and he also took classes in tandem at MIT. He graduated in 1988 with the distinction of magna cum laude.


Early Career

Mr. Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and began his first company, People Doing Things (PDT). People Doing Things was revolutionary when and sought to issues in health care and education through technological means. He also founded Starbright World with the aim of connecting children with terminal illnesses to others who could share their experiences.



Eric Pulier is no stranger to philanthropy and donating to causes. He has a soft spot for children and is an open supporter of The Painted Turtle. This non-profit acts as a day camp for chronically ill kids, and they can meet other children with the same or similar illnesses, so they don’t feel alone. He also works with the X-Prize Foundation. This foundation is trying to help solve the world’s biggest problems and challenges.


Mr. Pulier has dedicated his life to helping others and should be a reminder to everyone that you can help too. It doesn’t matter how much you can contribute, or how much you can help, as long as you get out there and help the world.