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Evolution of Smooth and their Yummy lip Balms!

For the past 8 years Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm has completely changed the chap-stick and lip balm market. In the short span these lip balms have been around has completely swept competitors off their feet. With over 1 million products sold each week! EOS is only making progress from this point on, and stores all over the world are being stocked with these incredibly yummy lip care products, offers some details about EOS.

Let me introduce you to what EOS has to offer and tell you about some of various colors and flavors consumers have to choose from, check for details. One of my personal favorites is the Pomegranate Raspberry, for it has a wonderfully fruity and citrus flavor that makes it hard to not want to lick your lips! Another favorite would have to be the Strawberry sorbet, this flavor tastes exactly like berry flavored ice cream and has a wonderful fragrance my friends can smell from several feet away!   Click on for more.

For those of you who need something a little more powerful for those dry lips, give the Medicated Tangerine a try, I promise you will have soft lips in no time. If you’re not into the fruity flavors don’t worry, EOS lip balm has something for everyone! Sweet Mint is another personal favorite of mine, who am I kidding they are all wonderful. Did I mention these products are completely organic? So why not give EOS lip balms a try? The sphere shaped tubes are a fun design and will be a popular commodity among your friends!  Follow EOS here.

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