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Evolution of Smooth; Leading the Way in Lip Care

Lip balm products are a staple in most women’s beauty collection due to their amazing health benefits. Lip balm is used for much more than hydration; they can be a great primer for a lasting lipstick and even offer a sheer dose of pigment for casual days. With many brands currently available on the market, one brand seems to stand alone with their unique flavors and innovative design. Evolution of Smooth is a number one choice among consumers and beauty experts all over the world.

Evolution of Smooth, or more commonly known as EOS, has expanded their lip products past just lip balm, making them a household name. Most recently they’ve added new product categories to their ever-growing line including; Organic Smooth Balm and Shimmer Smooth Balm. The Shimmer Smooth line lends to the current trend of sheer tinted lip balms. Many women are opting for a natural lip look with very little fuss. The Shimmer Smooth collection offers a light swipe of color while maintaining the company’s traditional moisturizing formula. EOS lip balms have always used a quality blend of ingredients including shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. This special combination is hypoallergenic and petrolatum free so you can trust that what you’re using is beneficial to you.

The secure twist cap also helps to prevent a potential mess in your purse and pocket. With a wide variety of colors and flavors, it’s no surprise that the EOS lip balms have become a fast favorite in the beauty world. Evolution of Smooth is true, constantly evolving to bring the latest in lip care. EOS lip balms are available on local Target supermarkets and online via Amazon.


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