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Expressing Yourself with Lime Crime

When it comes to cosmetics in this day and age, it seems that bolder is better. Well, at a time when bold wasn’t quite the “in thing,” a woman named Doe Deere decided to really put her stamp in the cosmetic industry. Back when “au natural” was the desired look, she decided that cosmetics were really lacking a sense of self expression. Doe was working off her two true passions- expressing yourself through color and cosmetics. She created the ever popular and successful beauty company called Lime Crime.


When Doe was unsatisfied with her color palettes, she used her creativity and entrepeunurial skills to create her company, Lime Crime. It all started out a bit differently for her though. She first sold hand drawn tattoos through the streets of New York and even had a short career beside her husband as a musician. It was always in her to be a leader and to follow her heart, even in business. When she came up with the idea for Lime Crime, she decided to call her fans unicorns, and now Doe has become the “Queen of her Unicorns.” Little did she know, when she decided to take the plunge for Lime Crime, it was exactly what the industry needed.¬†Learn more:¬†


Doe is the epitome of self expression, which makes her an inspiration to young women and men everywhere. Her line of cosmetics is so unique, featuring bright, bold colors that you won’t find anywhere else. She released them at a time when nothing like that was available and really took a chance- but then she found out that other women were looking for that same palette to self-express. Many people worldwide can identify with Doe’s passion to self express through color.


You can find Doe on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, where she uses it as an outlet to show others her line of cosmetics and her true self. With wild hair, clothing and makeup, it’s hard to not envy how comfortable she is with herself. Her confidence and success inspires others to follow their true passions when it comes to both their personal and work life. She is the perfect example of a success story.