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Fabletics Tremendous Success Rate and Kate Hudson’s Contributions to The Brand

The power of the crowd is becoming a huge factor when customers decide to purchase products. Before settling on a certain item, consumers will more often than not go through crowd-sourced reviews on the item. Crowd sourced reviews are progressively becoming trusted by customers and they are using them as a base for decision making. Brands such as Fabletics are exploiting this new find by coming up with marketing approaches that draw positive reviews.


Fabletics, which was launched in 2013, has witnessed a significant growth and now boasts of over $235 million in returns and more than a million paying members. The brand has credited much of the success to paying keen attention to user reviews. The power of the crowd is vital to a business because through it, a business will be able to increase consumer purchases, encourage loyalty to the business, and retain consumers across each and every industry.


With the world becoming a global village, most of the consumers heavily rely on the internet to find items and the reviews on the items to determine whether or not they make a purchase. This, therefore, makes the online reviews that people leave about your business/brand highly essential. Online reviews have been equated to personal recommendations from people they know and trust by online shoppers.


Consumers no longer rely solely on the traditional advertising and marketing approaches like before. They also look at what other people had to say about the brand and what their experience with it was. Crowd sourcing enables a business to maintain transparency and fully focus on meeting its clientele needs. Fabletics has embraced this fact and now uses it to know what their consumers want so that they steer their services in the same direction.


Kate Hudson, who is among Fabeltics’ three founding partners, has been very involved with the brand. From the onset, Kate was an active partner, helping in decision making such as reviewing budgets, choosing and implementing social media strategies and the design process. She works very closely with the group to guarantee that the styles they provide to their consumers remain up to date. Kate ensures that she goes through the sales each week to keep herself in par with the progress of the business.


Kate, unlike many celebrity endorsers, strongly believes in her brand and she continues to do as she can to ensure it maintains its growth pattern. To overcome a few roadblocks that the brand was initially going through, Kate organized a strategy to make clear communication significant. This saw the brand advance its consumer service department and put in place a new data system to ensure that they would have the right catalogue levels.


It was this commitment to customer service that saw the brand experience rapid growth. The results of paying keen attention to the consumer feedback saw Fabletics enjoy a triple-digit growth in 2014. They went ahead to experience a 43 percent growth in the year between 2015 and 2016. Although a majority of businesses seem to be leaving retail, the brand experienced a 644 percent retail growth in 2016. Fabletics also offers their customers a chance to take a lifestyle test to determine what outfits suit them best. You can customize your outfit by taking the test here.