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Flavio Maluf: the construction industry leader.

Currently, the President and chief executive officer of the Eucatex group and rich food, Flavio maluf was lucky enough to be born to a political and wealthy family. Flavio studied mechanical engineering at the AAPF( Armando Alvarez Penteado foundation) and later in the University of NewYork for a business administration degree.

Based in Brazil and family owned, the Eucatex group has been in operation ever since 1951. Eucatex has mainly focused on the manufacture and supply of building materials which include doors, vinyl floors, paints, laminated floors which come in various styles among other products. Their manufactured products have been supplied all over the world, therefore, positioning Brazil at a high economic position. Find out more about Flavio Maluf at

The company has fully prioritized environmental conservation by ensuring the setting up of a recycling plant in the factory to use the leftover woods for the creation of energy.

Flavio maluf was appointed by his family to become the head and president of the Eucatex group in 1997; he has since transformed the company to a multi-billion dollar company.

This has been largely facilitated by the expansion of the sale and supply to other countries for instance, Mexico, the united states of America and over 30 more countries.

In June, Flavio was keen to note that there was an increase in the balance of trade by a slight 0.7% this was mainly facilitated by the rise in Brazil export to the Asian continent most of which were cellulose and soybeans.

Maluf is also a businessman and president of the grand food group. He has always emphasized that for anyone wishing to start a business, he has to be entirely dedicated to it to ensure its growth.

He also advises the aspiring entrepreneurs not to let money be the obstacle to them starting a business. They should focus on models that don’t necessarily need high capital.

Flavio Maluf is a businessman that genuinely believes in charity. In Sao Paulo and salto county. He has focused on improving the healthcare by assisting in the provision of medical equipment for instance xrays to the Idio Carli hospital.