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Follow These 12 Simple Party Tips And Watch Your Guests Have A Blast

As parents, you’re busy 24/7, but sometimes you want to host a party, kick back and enjoy good food, drinks and fab company.

Follow these simple tips from coolmompicks.com for the ultimate bash:

1. Ask a friend to serve as your co-host for less stress, more fun and creativity.

2. Wunderlist App is one way to play safe by helping you make great to-do lists to keep everything in order.

3. Hobnob makes adorable digital invitations with your choice of cool designer templates.

4. Kids can pitch in by helping to pick up stray toys, set a table, etc.

5. Stream your favorite music to a system like Sonos, and control the musical mood from your smartphone.

6. Have a pet plan for Fido, so your favorite 4-footed friend doesn’t mess up the party.

7. A grocery delivery service can save you precious minutes, bringing chips, dip and more to your doorstep.

8. Buffets and food bars are the perfect variety party yummies that are easy to display.

9. Label your party foods, so people know exactly what they’re gnoshing on.

10. Dessert can be quick and easy, so buy a cake or pie and make a small thing by scratch like whipped cream.

11. Party today, and clean the mess later, like tomorrow.

12. If kids are on the party list, plan age-appropriate kid-themed activities.
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