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Following Trends This Season with Lime Crime

When looking to be on trend, makeup is a convenient and eye-catching way to stay ahead of the pack while still allowing for variety. There are many trends that come and go, with this spring being no different and many of the trends this year can be an easy hit through the use of products from the company Lime Crime. Whether it’s a desire for emphasis, matching the color of the season or finding a way to go from day to night in one easy swoop of an eye shadow brush, this makeup line has what you need.

A cruelty-free and vegan makeup company, Lime Crime is available in many retails stores and has gained popularity with the help of their focus on revolutionizing through makeup while setting trends. They have a strong online presence which has included the use of Instagram to show off their varying palettes that in the last several involved the release of 2 different palettes: Venux XL and Venus 3.

As a trend setter, the palettes provide a variety of options. The newest release include purple tones as that is the color for spring 2018. Shades of purple give the effects of floral accents and the new “grunge” style Lime Crime palette is right on mark.Another easy use of the various palette options is the always needing trend of convenience in taking a look from day to night. With their compact nature, variety of colors and versatility, one can go from any day look to night with ease. Whether it’s with the classic first Venus palette or the recent release, a look can be accented or completely changed in minutes from a palette that easily fits in most purses and travel bags.

Whether it’s highlights, long-wear, statement creating liner or just a way to accentuate your eyes, this is one company that has the get up and go to not only follow trends, but also blaze forward and set them. From neon to glitter, the use of cruelty-free/vegan products will be in line for this season and many others to come.