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George Soros and His Opinion on the New Ukraine

Currently, the European Union is in trouble. And there is another nation in eastern Europe who is troubling as well. George Soros is a man with a solution to both of these problems, and he is making this fact making known to as many who will listen.

As much countries are right now, Ukraine is struggling financially. They are attempting to get through talks with a number of creditors. If they want more help by way of finances, they are required by the International Monetary Fund to go through with these talks.

At the same time, they face another form of bullying form the front of the Russians. Right now, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin is increasing his financial and military pressure on the country. George Soros Ukraine says that financially, this puts Ukraine in trouble. Militarily, they will survive, but financially, they need help if they are not to full into the evilness of Russia again.

Putin claims that the aggression he is pushing at Ukraine stems from hostility from the West. His public has been agreeing with him and finds the arguments that he has put forth in this favor extremely convincing, which is a challenge to Ukrainian citizens.

The European Union has not stepped into help, and it is at George Soros’ steadfast urging that they do so as soon as possible to avoid a huge loss in the many gains that Ukraine has already made within its borders. Right now, the new Ukraine, as Soros likes to call it, is making strides that move her away from the past corruption and bureaucracy that plagued her. It’s time for all of that hard work to be encouraged and helped.

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How Can the European Union Help

First, George Soros is pushing for Ukraine to be allowed into the coveted European Union. With a western backing, both parties will gain. First, Ukraine will gain financially, and this is where they need the biggest help. But the EU and the member countries will also gain because they will have millions of pro-West supporters who are willing to fight for them on their side. In turn, when it becomes apparent to the world that the cause for Ukraine’s former troubles was Russian aggression, things will have to change for Putin and Russians in general as well.

The stakes are high, and Soros is pulling no punches. He says that changes need to be made soon if the benefits are going to be won for both the West, the European Union and Ukraine.

Ukraine wants a new life and a new start to that life. They want to be free of the tyranny that has been forced upon them for years, decades and centuries by their disruptive Russian neighbor to the east. Soros knows that a change in EU policy will help Ukraine, and he implores them to make a decision supporting Ukraine and the people of that beautiful country. They are doing all they can, but they need help too.

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