Get to know about Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an English capitalist born in 1975. He is a philanthropist, a global speaker, and an entrepreneur. Secker is the author of quite a few books including Financial Freedom Through Forex. He is famous for the establishment of companies including SmartCharts Software, FX Capita, Learn to Trade and Knowledge to Action Group which was the meeting place of the other companies. The facilities teach people how to improve their lives by excelling in business.

According to a recent interview by Inspirery with Greg Secker, a guru in the trading industry on matters which are crucial concerning his achievements and resolution.

On what inspired him to start this trade, Greg noticed the struggle people had in joining the business from lack of education which makes it hard to adhere to the game in trading. Making people lives well with comparatively small risk is my primary motivation.

Greg started by working for companies to make money. He later opened Learn to Trade and my foundation which teaches people on how to earn money quickly. His success has been through the support he received from his family members, family, and business partners.


Secker was born in England. He studied Agricultural and Food Sciences at Nottingham’s University in 1997.


Greg was a trading technician during the mid-1990s, at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He developed the system of foreign exchange trading at this firm. Greg became the Vice President at the age of 25 at Mellon Financial Firm. He became a full-time trader in 2003 after retiring from the company. Secker mentored many people by setting a trading floor in his living room. He initiated the Knowledge to Action, a group which mentored people on the strategies of trading.

In 2011 Greg was the principal speaker at the National Achievers Congress at the Excel London Exhibition Centre .in 2013 he established the Global Success Summit in South Africa. Secker was recognized for impeccable Individual Corporate Management at Learn to Trade by National CSR (Corporate, Responsibility, and Sustainability) Philanthropic work.

Philanthropic work

The Greg Secker Foundation, established in 2010 is a non-profit organization, which positively improves life’s quality around the world. He also started a project to build stable 100 houses at Philippine Resulting from Typhoon Yolanda. Greg is among the two hundred Most Leading Contributors and Social Moguls.