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Global Success Finds Norka Luque

Being nominated for a Best Female Artist award in your home country is often seen as the pinnacale of success for many music stars, but going on to find global success with your first releases is not something most people would expect. However, Norka Luque of Caracas, Venezuela found herself propelled to international stardom in 2012 a short time after being discovered by music impresario Emilio Estefan Jr. and releasing her first critically acclaimed single and album. Success on the Billboard charts of the U.S. continued the impressive nature of the first career steps taken by Norka, and showed how her hard working nature would help her bring success to her career.

Norka Luque does not seem to have the kind of personality that allows her to sit still and wait for success to find her, instead this go-getter is more likely to be found chasing success in a variety of different areas of her career that will allow her to be happy and secure in the future. The success of Norka Luque began when she was a child and decided her main passion in life was music, which she followed with lessons in piano and vocal coaching to allow her to have a solid grounding in the basics of music as she embarked on her later career.

Despite the efforts she put into her musical ambitions as a child Norka was already looking beyond the borders of Venezuela when she completed her high school education. Soon after leaving school, Luque moved to France to continue her studies and attempt to meet as many members of the European music industry as possible during her stay; various degrees and awards would follow in her educational career, but the main goal always remained music in the life of Norka Luque.

Playing in a band during her stay in France allowed Norka to gain valuable live performance experience and would eventually lead to her being talent spotted by Emilio Estefan Jr. Norka then embarked on a successful launch of her solo career, but never lost sight of the fact she owed her success to her belief in her own talents; Norka translated this to the message of her career, which remains inspiring her fans to follow in Norka’s footsteps and follow their dreams even when they seem impossible to achieve.