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Gregory Aziz: President of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the present Chief Executive Officer of the National Steel Company. It is one of largest railroad freight manufacturing and engineering companies. The company is located in Ontario. James Aziz was born in 1949 in Ontario. He studied in the Ridley College and later specialized in economics at the Ontario Western University. After completing studies, he joined his family business of selling food in large bulks. The company mainly majored in affiliated foods. Back in 1971, the company expanded to become a large importer of food in Europe and south America, a few to mention. The company was also able to serve as a distributor of fresh foods in Canada and United states.


During the 80s and 90s, Gregory J Aziz was working on several banking investments opportunities. He managed to buy the National Steel Car from Dofasco. He had the determination to transform this company to become the largest in railroad transport across North America. Under Greg’s leadership, the company was able to develop widely in engineering. Teamwork was evident, and with the capital present, it was able to expand from manufacturing 3500 cars a year to 12000 cars annually. The number of employees also grew from 600 to 3000.


Today, the company is well known for its manufacturing prowess. The company not only also invests in new cars invention but also builds a significant number of railroad freight cars. For almost two decades, the company stands firm as the only provider of rail transportation in North America. It is ISO certified and holds this honor for the last 18 years under the able leadership of Gregory J Aziz. The company has also been honored with the TT SECO award for a certain number of times.


Gregory Aziz has managed to drive the company to the point where it can sponsor other enterprises. Such companies include Theater Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera. The company can hold a Christmas celebration every year. The company has also been involved in the major food drive for the local food banks. Aziz and his wife have also managed to support the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair which happens in Canada. It is known to be one of the largest Fair that occurs in the region. Since the manufacture of the first rail car a century ago, the company boasts of being at a high level. The company has thrived to become a corner stone for rail transport in the North American region.