Special Teaching Method

How Rocketship Education is Changing the Quality of Education in Low-income Communities

The first Rocketship Education School was opened ten years ago in a church in California. The school has since made a significant impact on the society and is still a working progress of learning how to serve the community better. In the last ten year, the school network has learned a number of things. The school hit the headlines for being one of the pioneers of personalized learning and have since learned that personalized learning is about more than technology. It involves deep understanding of the needs and interest of each student and family.

Currently, Rocketship Education is focused on elementary education but many parents have encouraged them to build a k-12 system. This is a tempting decision but they have realised that instead of focusing on expansion, they should work towards creating more demand. The school believes that the k-12 system undermines their ability to engage parents beyond the classroom.

The school has since realized that it is important to honour the power of parents which is holding the school leaders accountable and demanding political attention. They realize that they need to focus on movements of high quality public education which places the parents on the lead. The school struggled to create a system which incorporates students with disabilities. It has developed an inclusion model which allows majority of the students with disabilities to spend 80% of their day in the general education classrooms. Another important lesson that they have learned is to never stop learning.

Rocketship is a non-profit making network of elementary charter schools which are public. The schools serve students from low-income earning families who have limited access to the excellent schools in the community. Rocketship Education was founded in 2006. The main mission of the schools is to eliminate the gap in achievement through building a sustainable school model that propels the student’s achievements in the underserved communities.

The school deeply engages parents in the learning process of the students thus developing parents who are lifelong advocates for their children throughout their lifetime. The school network is working towards transforming the future of students from low-income families across the country. The work that has been done by Rocketship Education so far is tremendous.