Light Bulbs of the Future

How the Internet of Things is Changing the Manufacturing of LED Light Bulbs

Currently, the technology market is slowly being flooded with advanced technology appliances geared to simplifying human activities and interactions. As such, the Internet of Things is rapidly taking over with the emergence of numerous gadgets dubbed as smart. Even the smallest appliances or items such as lighting bulbs have been integrated with energy efficient and wireless connectivity components.

Smart lighting items boast of similar lighting abilities to LED bulbs. However, numerous additional features like wireless controls and automated settings accompany them. Wireless control features allow individuals to access the bulbs through the Internet, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. The automation properties provide access to on the spot time pertaining on and off lighting. Further, they also boast of adjustability features, which allows individuals to gain control over the level of light without having to find a suitable dimmer.

Nowadays, various companies have designed LED light bulbs with the capability of learning and memorizing the preferred lighting settings and requirements in a given home. This is made possible through their inbuilt memories and sensors, which allows them to adjust to the desired light at any given time.

Gooee Lighting

Gooee is an information technology and service company that boasts of the world’s first of its kind full-stack operating system or platform that connects lighting manufacturers to the Internet of Things (IoT). It specializes in the engineering, design, and supply or distribution of data management, hardware and software components in the LED lighting value chain. Gooee‘s success in the industry is owed to its experienced and skilled team of technicians, who include semiconductor, LED and technology veterans in the lighting industry. Further, it provides numerous products such as Wireless Interface Modules and ASICs.