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Immigration and Larkin & Lacey

The Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) was founded in 1986. It advances civil and human rights of both refugees and immigrants in Los Angeles. Since 1993 it has been functioning as a 501 (a) (3) corporation. In 1994, it challenged Proposition 18, a law that sought to deny immigrants of access to social services, healthcare, and educational rights.

In its capacity, CHIRLA champions teaching and awareness programs regarding immigrant rights. This is why it maintains a 24-hour hotline and an accurate database of immigrants and advocates representing immigrants rights.

As it is a multi-ethnic collective of CBOs, its goal is to broaden awareness of problems that immigrant confront on neutral forums. Further, CHIRLA’s mandate includes discussions of immigrant issues and advocating on policy review. Among its community-based initiatives are immigrant advocacy, technical assistance, leadership development, community education, and community mobilization.

In addition to that, CHIRLA assists in service provision, professional help, and coalition building. With these programs in place, it hopes to achieve the goal of a civil and just society founded on immigrants.

Due to its activities, CHIRLA has had a considerable impact on immigrant lives as well as refugees. It has accomplished this by being an agent of reform and change by its mandate. As such, the organization’s mandate entails advocating for equal human rights, freedom of movement, and all embracing democratic values.

In the past 30 years, CHIRLA has increasingly focused on community education, mobilization, policy organization, advocacy, litigation, and leadership management among LA’s youth. Its activities have borne fruit resulting in legal and judicial victories in economic justice and immigrant working rights.

About Larkin and Lacey

After receiving a hefty payout in a victory against Maricopa County Sheriff, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created the Frontera Fund. By establishing the Fund, they sought to collaborate with groups that advocate for civil, human, and economic rights of immigrants in Phoenix, Arizona.

As such, its primary goal is the creation of awareness regarding civil and human rights abuses within the United States. In the pursuit of this aim, the Frontera Fund collaborates primarily with the Border Angels of San Diego. The Border Angels are concerned with the elimination of killings along the immigration route between the US-Mexico border.

Due to their efforts, issues revolving around immigrant and immigration reform are getting significant national attention. As part of their operation, both organizations cooperate to provide community outreach programs to improve the plight of immigrants. A primary aim of outreach programs is the provision of security and forums for the discussion of tragedies and shared concerns.

Financial support from Frontera Fund is used by the Border Angels to provide material assistance to immigrants families. Besides that, outreach programs are geared towards the provision of other types of aid such as food, clothing, shelter, and educational opportunities to immigrants.

As a result of the lack of media interest in issues surrounding migrants and their rights, Lacey and Larkin use the Phoenix Times and Village Voice to create awareness. This has resulted in the increase of knowledge between Arizona and the nation as a whole.

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  1. The efforts of the Larkin and Larcey Frontera Fund combined with the charity of Border Angels is really helping put a stop to crimes that went unanswered before. No doubt Essay Mama these and other efforts show hope for immigrants who would otherwise be exploited and denied their social rights.

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