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Josh Smith Reno, Nevada Vision of Greenhouses in all Washoe County Schools by 2020

Serial entrepreneur, Modular Greenhouses CEO, and founder, Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada, dreams about gifting all schools in Washoe County with greenhouses by 2020. Smith revealed the good news at High Desert Montessori School in Reno while donating a new greenhouse to the institution’s Boys & Girls Club.

“Modular Greenhouses will offer greenhouses, help students learn to grow food as well as taking care of their wellness and health,” commented Smith as he addressed the excited students. Josh Smith, a daring visionary and a citizen who loves to impact on communities positively is the founder of numerous companies in wellness and sustainable technologies.

Gardening Programs in Reno, Nevada Schools

Josh Smith plans to promote gardening programs not only at High Desert Montessori but also in all the Reno, Nevada, learning institutions by giving out money to purchase soil, seeds, and planters. Great Full Gardens, a firm associated with Smith, promised to buy the food that the students produce and serve it to customers in their restaurants.

Josh Smith is a Reno, Nevada, fantastic entrepreneur who develops creative projects always. He is the co-inventor of the revolutionary modular-hinge houses used in residential greenhouses. With Josh’s state-of-the-art greenhouse structures, millions of homeowners and community gardeners will find it easy to produce local organic food to the tune of millions of pounds.

Home Gardening Ideas to Grow Organic Food

The Modular Greenhouses CEO has over 17-years experience in multinational import-export logistics, global operations, customs processes, and manufacturing. Driven by the desire to give children the opportunity to clean and healthy food, Smith started a non-profit organization to provide greenhouses and gardening programs for K-12 schools nationwide.

To Josh Smith, positive change will occur in Reno, Nevada, and across the United States when the citizens learn to incorporate business ideas into the needs of the community. Smith has a name for his visionary investment ideas and revolutionary leadership- eco-socio-capitalism.

What is eco-socio-capitalism? Smith explains the concept of eco-socio-capitalism as the creation of business structures that use capitalistic principles to develop solutions and products that preserve the environment and deliver tangible benefits to the society.