Laidlaw & Company Helps Clients to Launch and Grow their Businesses

Many investors tend to base their decisions on rumors, emotions, or pursuing the next big opportunity, and they end up losing their hard-earned cash as a result. Despite their failures, they carry on with same behavior and continue attaining the same results. Nowadays, financial firms are capitalizing on this demand of investment advice especially in the securities industry to make huge profits.

Financial pressure

Media firms in the United States and other parts of the world are aware that comprehensive and genuine advice alone is not enough to yield advertising revenues. This financial pressure compels even the most accomplished media to broadcast articles that offer bad investment advice. Articles characterized by “specialists” offering stock tips are popular trends in the financial media sector. This “experts” seem to provide reasonable sounding explanations for their stock picks. Their justification may make sense to the uninformed investors forcing them to buy the stocks. Surprisingly, the bullish logic offered by the “specialists” is derived from the information that millions of investors already have.

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Facts about Laidlaw & Company

As a premier investment boutique with more than 170 years of professional expertise and experience, Laidlaw & Company is committed to offering independent and genuine investment advice. It also provides a broad range of traditional and unique investment solutions and excellent customer service to corporate and high net worth individuals. The company’s Registered Investment Advisor called Laidlaw Asset Management aims to maintain its customer’s capital via diversification.

Laidlaw believes security selection and asset allocation are essential determinants of the performance of an investment. By allocating its customers money across a cautiously selected blend of asset classes, the company seeks to help clients maximize their return on investment while controlling their exposure to risk. The company utilizes its asset management division to enable customers to have clear financial vision. Mathew Eitner is the President and CEO of the firm. James Ahern holds the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO).