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Ab astounding six hundred thousand American deaths happen each year in relation to cardiovascular disease. That is a very troubling figure, but what is worse is that nearly twenty percent of those deaths could have been prevented with some simple modifications to their lifestyle. Such as changes to there dietary habits or a little bit of exercise. Then, of coarse, there is the process of getting a preventative screening. A screening can give a person a unique picture of the true condition of there body, as well as the motivation to make healthier lifestyle chance that may make the difference in saving a persons life.

Cardiovascular disease is a very dangerous disease. It does incremental damage to your heart over a period of time without a person knowing until it is too late. Usually, the outcome is a heart attack, which is almost always fatal. This is why it is often times referred to as a silent killer. There is some good news though, for those that have gotten a preventative screening and received poor test results, they were more motivated to make drastic changes to there lifestyle. The motivation factor seem to work on those with good test results as well to make some lifestyle changes.

Recently, Life Line Screening did a study on nearly three thousand of its own patients to find out how the motivation factor of a screening played a factor in lifestyle changes. It concluded that those that were tested were more motivated to make lifestyle changes of there dietary habits and exercise routines and plans for down the road regardless of test results. For those that received poor test results, they were more willing to follow their doctors advice and medications. So you could say that the motivation factor had a positive impact on everyone in the study.

Sometimes we forget as people that we need to take better care of ourselves. This is were Life Line Screening can come into play. Its screenings can not only tell you about the true status of your health, but it can also play a major motivating factor in living a healthier lifestyle. Founded in nineteen ninety three in Texas, Life Line Screening as gained a reputation for there professionalism of there services. The company doesn’t just do cardiovascular screening, but offers many other services such as Finger Stick Blood Tests, Ultrasound Screenings and Electrocardiograph. With all these services the are worth a try.

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