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Lime Crime’s Newest Additions To Their Cosmetic Line

Lime Crime offers many different cosmetic products for women of all ages who are looking to express themselves through their makeup. Lime crime currently sells lipsticks, hair dyes, eye shadow palettes, and even makeup brushes. Occasionally, Lime Crime comes out with a new product that makes their customers beyond happy and this time people got so excited that it was launched to the Lime Crime website earlier than expected. Lime Crime’s newest addition to their cosmetic collection is three different eyeshadow palettes that can be bought separate or all together in bulk. These three eyeshadow palettes are bound to win over every 90s girl’s heart as they will bring back many fond memories from their childhood. These three new eyeshadow palettes are inspired by the popular toy Polly pockets and even represent the brand down to the t. These eyeshadow palettes not only have the same font for lime crime as Polly pocket had for their name but they also fit in your pocket just like Polly!

Lime Crime’s second newest addition to their website is the new cosmetic brushes. Cosmetic brushes are extremely important to Lime Crime because without them it would be impossible for customers to apply their makeup. Every so often Lime crime comes out with a new makeup brush bundle that is available for purchase and currently it is the Aquarium Liquid Glitter makeup brushes. The aquarium liquid glitter makeup brushes come in a set of 7 brushes and they even include a pouch. This makeup brush set costs only $58 on lime crime’s website which is a great deal for professional makeup brushes.

Lime Crime’s Hair dye line called unicorn hair is also a new edition to their line of cosmetics as it is still new. Lime Crime’s unicorn hair comes in many different hair dye colors for customers to choose from some being bright and bold and some being more toned down and subtle for people who are just looking for something different but not to different. Lime Crime continues to amaze women all over with their strong message to be yourself and express yourself.