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Livio Bisterzo’s Creates Tasty Hippeas While Helping Farmers

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur of Italian descent. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, is married, and has three children. Mr. Bisterzo lived in the United Kingdom until he was eighteen. He attended the University of the Arts in London. His background was predominately in marketing and his first venture as an entrepreneur was an events business he founded in 2003. He has created a business portfolio including the Maddox Club, Pollen Street, Little Miracles and Kyoku for Men.

Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings in 2015. The company specialized in food innovations focused on the nutrition and health sector. His goal was the creation of innovative and healthy brands for food and drinks. The company began to build their portfolio centered on foods that are better for the body and brands focused on having a social impact into the future. Livio Bisterzo understood the importance of cultural and behavioral change in relation to his industry.

Livio Bisterzo acted on his vision of making a positive change in the industry encompassing drinks and foods. His brand is called Green Park and they invest and grow a new generation of food brands that are “better for you”. The first brand the company launched was Hippeas in 2016.

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Brands and believes Hippeas have everything necessary to be the next snack brand loved all over the world. He sees an opportunity in the snack food category for affordable, premium brands that are healthier for the body. Hippeas is on a mission to change how people snack on chickpea at a time. The product is the embodiment of all snacking trends on a global basis. The story behind Hippeas is touching with the slogan of Peas Love and Giving Back. Hippeas is basing their product on the fact that it tastes good and will appeal to the modern hippie shoppers.

To further promote the Hippeas brand they have entered into a partnership with Farm Africa. Every time a package of Hippeas sells the company will give something back to the eastern African farmers. They intend to help them escape poverty and live a better life.

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