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Lovaganza, Tangible Brilliance from the Scrap Yard of Today’s Life Bracket

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

The genius inside someone’s individual mind, the substantial thoughts, dreams, and ideas, can actually be manifested into reality. Likewise, this single manifestation can be birthed into a corporal, physical phenomenon and shared with the populace. This is a nix of anything novel or unique for museums are bursting with evidence of genius from people long departed. What is more genuine is genius is continually being manifested each and every day by individuals around the world. Music, dance, paintings, and sculptures are just some of the remnants of humanity; so hence Lovaganza. Lovaganza is a treasure chest of these remnants. Bits and pieces of tangible brilliance from the scrap yard of today’s life bracket.

Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise collecting the gems and fossils of contemporary cultures to share with the public. The collectables of nations and the vividness of genius, this celebration of life will be held in the eye-piece of 2020.

As a projection of the future on, this event will intertwine the panorama rhombus of ethnicity.  Exhibits, showcases, and platforms from landscapes around the globe will be presented from May through September. The talent of painter David Uhl will kick-off the advancement of festivities, as the Lovaganza Convey tracks footpaths of genius from across countries like France, India, and Mumbai. The gravity of the Lovaganza trilogy will be that it was filmed using the Super Panavision anamorphic 2.76 screen ratio. Film crews that accepted only the best performances and vistas were mandated. The excitement of the epic convoy creative architectures is Directors, Writers and Producers, J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon. Also Oscar Nominee James Murakami and Emmy Award Winner Patrick Sullivan unite the Lovaganza Convoy lineup of artistic nobility.

Remarkable giants from the art community came out to support the commencement of Lovaganza by attending the Lovaganza’s Lova World Images Closing Party, like Julian Lennon and Princess Charlene. This was at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Baoli Beach. The May, 2013 event had hundreds of people present and viewing works by famed artists like Julian Lennon, Nick Rhodes and Kristian Schmidt. The world is a buzz for the opening merriment of Lovaganza 2020, so get ready for a jam packed extravaganza.

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  1. Like a universal prism, each reflected shaft of creative luminosity will represent a sundry region from the four corners of the world, and the in-between. It is so important for to be able to gather a lot of this experience from the things they have done in the past and it helps a lot.

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