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Matt Badiali On How He Makes A Living As A Writer

Scientist and Founder of “Real Wealth Strategist” Matt Badiali takes a unique approach when it comes to investing and the financial world. He has a background in earth sciences and geology that led him to a career studying the earth and what it had to offer. It all took a turn when a friend approached him to use his scientific background in the financial world. This would change his life completely.

Fast forward to now and his daily schedule is very busy. At 6:30am the day starts and Matt Badiali gets his daughter off to school. That is when he catches up on the news via TV and newspaper. Work starts at 8am and Mr. Badiali hits the ground running with his computer and thoughts. He writes for two hours when he is at his best energy. He can get multiple pages done in a day and then answers emails. What does he write? He created a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist and helps people make smart investments in natural resources. This includes oil, precious metals, energy, commodities, base metals, and agricultural items. The second part of the day after writing consists of checking on the investments in natural resources he recommends to subscribers. Matt Badiali will also do the more basic business requirements such as answering phones calls, do paperwork, and attend meetings. After that he wraps up the day with a rigorous gym workout to stay in shape.

Matt Badiali foresees the future of natural resources and notices a change that will shift over to electric as our primary source of energy. This will replace fuels such as oil, kerosene, and many more. Batteries will become a big thing too, powering whole towns with their energy needs. Looking back on how his career became to be Matt see where he would of made some changes. He would invested a lot of his time doing for companies in his prospective field. Matt Badiali then could use these internships on his resume to get even better jobs in the future. Even though he did not do internships it all seems to work out for him and is helping people secure their future with natural resources.