MB2 Dental Helps Dentists Keep Control Over How They Practice

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that brings together the best sides of corporate and private practices in dentistry. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a practicing dentist and the company founder believes in the right person in the right place. Which brings up the old saying, the right tool for the right job. With the right doctor in the right place, he’ll soon see the vision of the company become a reality.

Why The Change Was Needed

Dr. Villanueva started this company because he wanted to give other dentists specialised help. With no catch. “We put doctors and patients first…period.”

His first job was the worst according to Villanueva. He was a dental associate straight out of dental school. The dentist’s wife ran the business side of the practice. Because she was a non-clinician the practice gave poor patient care.

Founded on the principle that doctors could help each other do more than work on their own. It’s a different view on how a dental practice can grow. Dr. Villanueva determined that he wanted the business built on people. Everything else comes second.

How The Change Can Help

Instead of focusing on making money, MB2 Dental focuses on:
– freedom,
– support,
– personal growth,
– having fun together.

Overall the company helps dental practices improve their performance levels. They’re hoping this leads to happier dentists and patients. It will also aid in business growth. Dr. Villanueva’s company has gone through some tough times. The strength of the doctors and the employees shone through during those times.

MB2 Dental has stayed true to the values that make them great. By keeping integrity at the center of the business will help the company rise over past, present, and future problems.

MB2 Dental Solutions is proud of:
– Growing practice standards.
– Is backed by experience and success.
– An atmosphere where dentists can learn and grow.
– Helps dentists keep control over how they practice.
– An expert team which helps dentists with any legal, HR, payroll, acceptance, or marketing problems.
– A technologically – advanced company.