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Mike Baur Inspiring Growth Of Entrepreneurship Through The Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory is an idea that was conceived by Mike Baur, a professional banker and entrepreneur who has been supporting the growth of young professionals and businesses within Switzerland. The Swiss Startup Factory is calling for applications among those who feel they have great ideas that they can invest in and change the industry.


Those who qualify to pass the review stage are issued free mentorship and incubation for a period of three months and those that need financing are connected with established entrepreneurs who would like to invest in the ideas. Mike Baur has invested both his time and money in the management of the company to see that as many talented startups as possible get the support they need to grow into established businesses.


Leadership and management

One of the aspects of business that counts and helps an idea to move forward is leadership and management. Those who lack these qualities are likely to fail in the first few months after establishment. Owing to the fact not many young startups come with all the skills, the Swiss Startup Factory has taken the initiative to offer them information that can help the startups to handle their business better. They are offered leadership skills, which include decision making and strategy formulation as well as crisis management.


Business development

Through the business development process, the Swiss Startup Factory measures, learns and then builds the idea to give it the shape that would make the business more competitive and strong enough to handle hurdles in the market. These roles are handled by professionals with vast knowledge like established entrepreneurs or professors in the subject area in question. Before the incubation period comes to an end, the startup is able to stand on its own.


Access to financing

Some startups have excellent ideas, but the access to finance for execution is one of the biggest challenges they face. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, startups are able to access financing that is provided by the professionals who partner with the company.


About Mike Baur

As a professional banker, Mike Baur holds sufficient experience in entrepreneurship and financial matters that he understands things that can help startups to grow into strong businesses. One of the ideas that came through his creativity is the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, a company that is working to help startups to grow and become established entities able to compete on their own.