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Milan Kordestani Is Building A Remarkable Career Early

Entrepreneur and businessman, Milan Kordestani is still a teenager that only just graduated from high school in California. During his time in high school, Milan managed to start up his very own agriculture company known as Milan Farms. Milan is helping out many local farmers through his business by selling their goods under a single brand name that is quickly growing and becoming more reputable. The products that make it to Milan Farms go directly to the big food chain stores.

It comes with no surprise that Milan Kordestani was a high achieving student, giving his determination to be successful and his knack for business. Milan has shown a dedication to more than just his academics and business career though, as he is already an established equestrian in the community. Milan has shown a strong commitment to protecting the environment and creating an environmentally safe agricultural company.

The very start of Milan’s journey as an equestrian began when he was taking horse riding lessons. A very peculiar incident left Milan showing his ability to stay calm in a stressful situation, despite being only 11 years old at the time. Along with Milan’s admiration for the environment and animals, he has already begun to show his passion for philanthropy by becoming more active in the community and charities that lend a hand to people all over the world.

Milan Grows a few things on his farm through his own methods and he has been very successful at it. On top of the products that Milan Farms receives from other local farmers, Milan produces various herbs, eggs, and saffron, all of which is organic. The saffron that Milan produces at his farms is also 100 percent grown through hydroponics, making him the first farmer to grow saffron this way exclusively. Given the fact that Milan Kordestani is still so young, we can expect to see a lot more of him in the coming years for his business endeavors as well as his passion for the environment.